Popular Christian songwriter Nichole Nordeman took to Twitter this week to share her disdain for Christian who refuse to wear masks because they believe it infringes on their rights. The series of tweets came just hours after the songwriter lost her aunt to the novel COVID-19 virus.

“My aunt was diagnosed w/ Covid this morning in her living facility and passed away 8 hours later, before my mom could even get there to pray through the window. 8 hours. But please tell me more about how wearing a mask is such an assault on your rights,” the Twitter thread stated.

She continued by saying she had run out of “incredulity and disgust”.

“But please tell me more about how wearing a mask is such an assault on your rights,” she wrote. “Tell me about all your big offended feelings that the government is trying to control your life, your faith, your freedom and worship.”

Nordeman, who is based in Oklahoma, also thanked those who have been following the rules and tried to slow down the curve.

“Thank you to everyone who is diligent, caring and loving your neighbor by doing everything possible to slow the spread of this monster. Thank you especially to our exhausted, faithful health care workers. You’ve had to learn how to be family members, chaplains, and companions in our stead. Delivering our loved ones straight into the arms of Jesus time and again. Bless you for this sorrowful gift.

Over 35 percent of white evangelicals, Donald Trump’s most loyal religious supporters, say that makes mandates and shutdown are unreasonable attempts to control people, according to a survey by Public Religion Research Institute. Nordeman’s music has deep ties to evangelical culture, so some of her followers took offense to her status.

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