In a quiet neighborhood in Houston, Texas, God is revealing the power of His miracles.

A small prayer group gathers together in the local home each week and what they say happens during their meetings is life-changing. They say whenever they weep, an image they have of Jesus weeps with them.

“I believe our Lord is crying because of the sins of the world,” said visitor Buddy McCauley.

As news spread of the miracles during this prayer group, people from all over the United States started flocking to the home to see the image for themselves.

“It’s an overwhelming experience to see oil oozing from a picture of Jesus and it does touch your heart because you can’t explain it,” said another visitor.

The pilgrims who journey here each week say one miracle seventeen years ago was just the beginning of many more. The son of the homeowner was miraculously healed of cancer.

“I believe God provided the owner a miracle in the curing of the son and in so doing he chose the right man because he has opened his out to people to adore the presence of Jesus,” said McCauley.

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