First Church/Facebook
First Church/Facebook

An Illinois church is bring their church service to local inmates and it’s transforming its local county jail system.

The church services have only been taking place for three months at the Jasper County jail; however, employees and inmates are already seeing some really positive change.

“We have a quieter atmosphere,” Jasper County Sheriff Patrick Williamson told WLFI-TV. “In times past, you would hear banging, kicking, yelling, screaming, but now it’s very quiet. They get along well, they treat staff better, so we have less incidents. It just complements the other things going on in our jail.”

John Hill, pastor of First Church had been working with Williamson on an addiction recovery house program for men. Once this program took off, he thought to create an even bigger ministry program at the same jail.

“Our church was really excited just to build bridges with these families, help them connect with our community, help them with employment, and just show them that we care,” Hill said.

“The miracle of that is something to behold,” said Williamson.

In a shared Facebook video, one of the inmates is shown leading worship with his fellow inmates. During worship, he sang “Amazing Grace.”

In another Facebook video, five men and four women were baptized by First Church.

“I believe that Jesus is the only hope in the world,” the pastor said. “I think we live in a society that is so quick to condemn people, but Jesus was so quick to give people second chances.”

You can’t tell me this isn’t the power of God!

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