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Henan, China’s third largest province, is no stranger to violence from police. This month, a Protestant church in Henan fell victim to demolition and the authorities’ religious persecution. It was reduced to ruins in just over ten minutes. The next …Read More

A group of Bible scholars from the Doubting Thomas Research Foundation (DTRF) believe they have discovered the route Moses took when he led the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt and to the Promised Land and they have proof! In …Read More

It is hard to imagine an archaeological discovery coming out of Israel that is not exciting. Some, however, make more headlines than others. Many of the discoveries that capture the world’s collective attention are those that lend further credence to …Read More

On Easter Sunday, explosions rocked Sri Lanka’s churches and hotels as Muslim terrorists executed a carefully coordinated and devastating attack against their Christian neighbors. The death toll from the terrorist attack has soared past 200 and over 450 people were …Read More

Nearly 300 people were killed and hundreds more wounded after eight explosions tore through Sri Lanka in a series of coordinated blasts that struck three churches and three hotels. There were more than 500 more injured. The first wave of …Read More

A city in southern China is offering cash to citizens willing to inform on “illegal religious groups,” ramping up China’s crackdown on underground churches. The Guangzhou Department of Ethnic and Religious Affairs officially announced the offer on its website to …Read More

In France, there has been a startling trend over the last few months. Their churches are being vandalized. With the recent desecration of a dozen Catholic churches in France in just one week, investigators will not rule out the possibility …Read More

This week is Holy Week. For Christians across the globe, this week marks the anniversary of the most important and momentous moments in human history. As such, the crowds of pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land swell, and their numbers …Read More

They say a picture tells a thousand words and this couldn’t be truer. Reuters Philippe Wojazer captured this somber yet breathtaking photograph of a cross still standing after the Notre-Dame Cathedral caught fire. When the dust finally settled, this incredible …Read More

Shae House, a resident of Lynchburg Va., says she recently spotted an image of what appears to be Jesus when she was walking along the Blackwater Creek trail ABC 3340 reports. It took me all morning but I finally see …Read More