The end is neigh according to Jerusalem Channel presenter Christine Darg. Darg released a video in which she discussed the book of Ezekiel and identified several of the mysterious nations with modern day countries.

“Many believers have swallowed the lie that end times prophecies are just too confusing or complicated to tackle, but Ezekiel 38 and 39 are very straightforward and easy to understand,” Darg said. “The nation of Israel will be invaded by a coalition of nations led by an enemy from the north, but God will miraculously intervene to save Israel and defeat the coalition of nations.”

Referencing the prophecies found in Ezekiel 38, Darg stated, “There is agreement among most prophecy scholars that Gog is the title of a strong leader, a prince of Rosh, meaning Russia. Magog was the name of a grandson of Noah who settled in a territory that is Rosh today. The first century Jewish historian Josephus identified the offspring of Magog as the Scythians who were brutal horse riding nomads who resided in the area of modern day southern Russia and eastern Ukraine. Meshek and Tubal were once a part of territory that is now Russia as well.”

Darg continued reading from the first few verses of Ezekiel 38 and identified the listed nations with what she believes to be their modern equivalent. Among these nations were Persia, well known to be modern day Iran; Cush, which she identifies with contemporary Sudan; Put, modern day Libya; and Gomer and Beth Togarmah which she says are “believed to be ancient names for the nation of Turkey.” Turkey, she notes, is now aligned with Russian and Iran.

Darg also identified what she believes to be mentions of Britain and the United States. Britain she identified with the lions of Tarshish, and she claims that the United States, as a former British colony, is the young lions of Tarshish.

“The nations are lining up just as Ezekiel predicted,” Darg said. “A recent breaking news Israel headline….[asked] is Russia a friend of Israel or the prophetic enemy of the north?…If you look at a map, Moscow is directly far north of Israel.”

All these signs, Darg claims, mean that the Great Tribulation and the Rapture are nearly upon the world. There is no way to know for certain if she is right, and the identity of Gog and location of Magog have long been a source of debate. It is, however, always interesting to hear how biblical prophecies could be linked to modern events. The question, of course, is simply whether those links are imagined or if the final prophecies have begun to come true.

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