Most American’s are incredibly proud to share their nationality, so it’s no wonder that congregations across the United States want to hoist a flag in their church sanctuaries. However, is this a good practice?

Local churches have debated this topic for years. Is it OK for the american flag to hang in the sanctuary? What about the church in general? Is it appropriate for a church to be pro-God while also being pro-America?

Those for the practice believe there is nothing wrong with the church displaying the flag, since we are located in America. Our nation was founded as a Christian nation, and the two have been intertwined for centuries. They point out that there are many places in the United States where you can find references to God, Christ and Biblical ideas intertwined in American history, so there is no reason it can’t belong in church. They believe that displaying the American flag is a way to affirm our Christian heritage and to pay respects to those who sacrificed for it.

Lisa Velthouse, a Marine Corps wife and author, believes “putting the flag in our local church does not mean we have made religion bow to nation.”

Those who are against it, however, argue if the flag is spiritual, Gospel-centered or uplifts man to God. They say the church should be focused on Christianity and not our nation. For example, the flag could be intimidating to others that aren’t from our nation. Those against the flag being displayed don’t want the local church to be interpreted as worshiping America over the flag.

While the church should remember those who were fallen, the flag is too intense and takes away from the real platform of a church. Churches must not forget that we are a nation by God’s grace, not by man’s power (Daniel 4:17).

There are good arguments on both sides, and churches need to decide what is best for their church. If we display the flag, it should be so we can express gratitude for God’s goodness to our nation and to remind the congregation about our nation’s accountability to Him as Judge and Savior. What do you think? Do you believe churches should display the American flag?

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