by Dr. Susan Corso

He is known mostly by his first name alone—Neville. I only came upon his full name by chance, if you believe in that sort of thing:

Neville Lancelot Goddard. (Isn’t that yummy?) He was a teacher of metaphysics beginning during the Great Depression and ending in the 1970s. His very first book was published in 1939 and it was out-of-print for years until Dr. Joe Vitale (of “The Secret” fame) bought it and republished it. It’s called “At Your Command” and it’s a winner.

Neville is far and away ahead of most practitioners on the use of the Law of Attraction. He says, “That if two shall agree as touching anything, it shall be established on earth,” to paraphrase Christian scripture. The delicious departure is his definition of the two. “This agreement is never made between two persons. It is between the awareness and the thing desired.” Manifesting, my dear, is an inside job.

His formula is deceptively simple. “Take your attention away from all that is now your problem or limitation and dwell upon just being. That is; you say silently but feeling[ly] to yourself, ‘I AM’. . . until you are lost in the feeling of just being. When this expansion of consciousness is attained, then, . . . give form to the new conception by FEELING yourself to be THAT which you desire to be.”

Neville contends that “Recognition is the power that conjures in the world.” Picture it this way. Remember that oft-quoted phrase from Westley to the Princess Buttercup in “

The Princess Bride”? Conjure this: the universe is saying to you every day all day, “As you wiiiish . . . .”
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