by Dr. Susan Corso

Could it be that he was a plantation owner and she an abused slave in the antebellum south? Or maybe she was a pasha and he a neglected harem dancer in long ago Arabia? Or perhaps they were a mis-married couple in Siberia in the early 18th century?

Here’s what I really what to know. What gives with the ongoing d-r-a-m-a between Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell? Oh, I know they’re both in-the-news sorts of people, but if they came to me for counsel, I know we’d end up discussing what a beloved seminary professor of mine used to call Captain Karma (and she always made a smart, military salute when she said it.) Captain Karma is the head of the karma police.

I’m more interested in karma than I am in The Donald and Rosie. What is it that makes two people take one look at each other and go at it, sparks flying? Are they too alike? Too different? Some combination?

The law of karma at its basic best states that every choice has a consequence. If you resonate to the idea of reincarnation, then the soul carries recognitions of other souls from lifetime to lifetime. So let’s assume The Donald and Rosie have a rendezvous with Captain Karma in this lifetime. Does it matter where it came from? My answer is no. The recall of other lifetimes, no matter if we think of them as real or metaphorical, is only important if they help us deal with this lifetime.

Here’s what I’d tell the fiery friction duo: Darlings, face one another and salute Captain Karma. Are you treating each other the way you want to be treated? If so, fine. If not, for your own sakes, make a new choice.

P. S. To read a gentleman’s perspective on the Dynamic Duo, go to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s blog,
Rebbe With A Cause. I loved what he wrote.
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