Dove has launched a line of “Pro-Age” products to set themselves apart from all the “anti-aging” ointments on the market. Dove marketing director Kathy O’Brien told Natasha Singer of The New York Times: “We are not saying turn back the hands of time, or stop aging, or look 10 years younger. We are saying embrace the age that you are and make the best of it.”

Here’s the latest Pro-Age TV commercial. Pretty fabulous, don’t you think?

Here are my chattering thoughts on the subject: If you’ve got the time and the money to get a face lift, or an eye job, or a skin peel, first use that time and money to go on a spiritual retreat where you can eat wisely, meditate, exercise, drink more water, read poetry, and listen to beautiful music.

Then look in the mirror, and tell me how you look, and feel. Spiritual well-being is all that matters. Forget the rest, do good work, and surround yourself with people who understand what real beauty is.

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