Beliefnet just posted Valerie Reiss’s excellent interview with writer and free spirit Alice Walker.

Walker says:

We have a splendid opportunity, for the first time ever on earth, to truly get to the root of things and to transform human society. It’s entirely possible, and it’s really up to us. And since I believe that, I don’t worry about it because I know that we will either do it or we won’t. If we do it, “Hallelujah.” The world will just be so wonderful and joyful. If we don’t, we will lose such a beautiful gift.

And I will have to say that while I was here, I did my very best and loved it as much as it loved me—the cosmos, the earth. I personally feel like I’ll be fairly content. You can only do what you can do. It’s just a fact that worrying is unhelpful, whereas trying to bring peace to your own spirit is work you can do, and it’s work that will actually bring many benefits to everybody that you ever encounter and to the whole world.

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