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The folks who run the HearthSong Catalog knocked themselves out this year, it seems, to present a large and offbeat collection of egg-decorating kits for the celebration of Easter or Spring Equinox. And they’re all under $20. So if you’re an egg-decorating sort of person, here’s your heads-up. Some of these kits produce eggs so pretty, you won’t want to hide them.

The most basic kit, which appeals to all levels of decorating talent, comes equipped with its own tree-shaped drying stand. But far more sophisticated possibilities reside within kits like the “peek-inside” sugar egg-decorating kit, or the confetti-stuffed egg kit, wax egg kit, glass egg painting kit, decoupage goose egg-decorating kit (had enough?), or finally the marvelous Ukrainian egg-decorating kit (this last one is for folks who want to put the better part of a day into this project!).

I also looked around and found a newsletter that shows you how to dye hard-boiled eggs with homemade vegetable and plant dyes. I know it’s still early, but it’s good to ponder how you’ll gather supplies for these projects now.

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