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There’s a lot of interest among you in Feng Shui, the practice of rearranging your environment for maximum health and stability (the actual translation of the words is “wind” and “water”). My study of this subject has helped me greatly, and if you ever came to my house, you’d notice crystals and windchimes hanging in odd places (a big 50mm crystal hangs from the ceiling above me right now). One personal Feng Shui problem on my list of things to resolve this week is that a left-hand rear corner window of our old house has slipped and is allowing cold air to leak in–a FS disaster, since any instability in this corner (which is said to govern family finances) means you are throwing money out the window. The woman who sold this house to us was so broke that, at closing, a harried, semi-unpleasant man was waiting for his piece of her profit in the lobby of our lawyer’s office. One principle of Feng Shui is that you inherit from your home the poverty of your predecessor if you don’t shore up the house’s flaws in financial areas. has tackled Feng Shui from different angles, and if you are interested, you’ll find good information on how to fix up your kitchen and bedroom for maximum prosperity and happiness. Additionally, here’s a link to a funny article I wrote several years ago about improving our office “chi” at Beliefnet. Happily, our editorial and advertising offices are soon to undergo a total remodeling since we’ve become a thriving concern that employs 50 people now (and we’re budgeted to gain as many as 25 more staffers in the next two years).

With all that said, the most significant Feng Shui article we’ve published was on the subject of spatial memory, karma, and the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. It’s called “Do Walls Have Memory?” Excellent stuff. You’ll want to check it out.

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