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January 2006 Archives

The Web is alive with talk about how Jewish author and feminist Naomi Wolf (the advisor who rightly told Al Gore he needed to access his “alpha” male) has seen Jesus! Yes, the fabulous author of “The Beauty Myth” (a …Read More

Here’s what a thoughtful blogger named Hugo Schwyzer has to add to the Naomi-Wolf-saw-Jesus dialogues: “From the Sunday Herald interview, I don’t know if Naomi Wolf has come to Christ or not. Brief visions are important, but they are not …Read More

For three Chinese New Year’s in a row now, I have purchased a new beaded Chinese charm to hang on my purse. It’s only about three inches long, and its bright colors are noticeable as it dangles down from my …Read More

The time has come to face the facts. I cannot live with my purse any longer, in its current chaotic state. Only the powers of the Asian art of Feng Shui alignment can help. If your handbag is insanely disorganized …Read More

“Mommy, you know, I can HEAR my mind,” said nine-year-old son Gordon this morning. “In fact, I am listening to it right now.” “Oh, that’s great!” said I. We are in the car, and just a block from their school. …Read More

This month’s issue of SpiritLed Woman, a glossy Christian woman’s magazine that’s getting better and more interesting, has a piece on marital relations that gave me pause. In it, the writer encourages married women to refrain from masturbating. While alone, …Read More

I picked up an issue of the hot new home design magazine “Domino,” and I was happy to see that it’s a publication with a clear-seeing eye out for people who can’t afford the latest red refrigerator or hand-painted wallpaper. …Read More

I think I am working too hard. “I know you are working too hard!” said Mr. Chattering last night. “Read Andrew Sullivan, read the great bloggers! You can save yourself some effort by sticking with just a few ideas, instead …Read More

Not long ago, my foodie friend Laura (a gifted graduate of the Culinary Institute of America) held up the serving of dinner at a small dinner party because her husband was on his way home with precisely the right kind …Read More

My love involves the love before;My love is vaster passion now;Tho’ mix’d with God and Nature thou,I seem to love thee more and more.” –from “In Memoriam” by Alfred Lord Tennyson