Here’s what a thoughtful blogger named Hugo Schwyzer has to add to the Naomi-Wolf-saw-Jesus dialogues:

“From the Sunday Herald interview, I don’t know if Naomi Wolf has come to Christ or not. Brief visions are important, but they are not — in and of themselves — real conversion experiences. Still, I’m glad that she’s interested in helping integrate feminism and spirituality in the task of tikkun olam, the “healing of the world” so essential to the Judeo-Christian vision. In doing so, Wolf is connecting to a long-standing tradition in American feminism that goes back to the abolitionists and the suffragettes, back beyond Stanton to the likes of the Grimke sisters — a tradition of championing women’s complete and radical equality while embracing a real and living faith in Jesus.”

If you want to know more about the historic connections between religion and feminism, check out this interview with Helen LaKelly Hunt, author of “Faith and Feminism: A Holy Alliance.”

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