Barack Obama

Apologies to those of you who don’t visit the Beliefnet site for politics, as I am going to wade into the subject again.

This time to offer my thoughts and prayers for President Obama and his family.

Although the president appeared by many to be disinterested and disconnected in the first debate with Mitt Romney he just looked exhausted and on ‘E’ by the end of the third.

It’s not a knock, but rather just the reality of entering the position when a worldwide economic crisis struck and ending a four-year term with foreign policy “challenges” that seem to be getting more difficult and controversial by the day.

To maintain and grow in a marriage and as a father during this time must have been extraordinarily hard, so he deserves our thoughts and prayers in his work and life.

If he loses the election, I hope he can enjoy his post-presidential life with Michelle and his two wonderful daughters. If Obama wins again, here’s hoping he has the courage and strength to lead this great nation!


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