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Glad to see my last post on Best Buy’s ads knocking Santa struck a cord with hundreds of readers and several comments.

I LOVE Best Buy and have purchased several products there over the years … and hopefully I’ll still be welcome there in the future … lol … sorta.

That said, I seem to recall the company’s clever but sweet ads last year with Christmas carolers in front of their store.

The commercials were profit-driven, for sure but they weren’t mean-spirited like this year’s version of ads.

Hey, everyone makes mistakes and it would be better if Best Buy scrapped these types of attitude-driven spots moving forward.

Sam Walton- Wal-Mart founder

Wal-Mart too, using AC-DC songs as background music for its ads, is off-target too, if you’ll pardon the pun.

The women shoppers in their ads act like maniacs or loons, or some combination of both.

Can we just relax, slow down and think about the Christ in Christmas for a change?

Gifts and shopping seem SO small by comparison.

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