Changing Channels


Alec Baldwin

That’s the best way to describe Alec Baldwin’s appearance on ‘SNL’ the other night.

It took me this long to opine because I only saw the ‘skit’ Monday morning on Today.

I haven’t stayed up to watch SNL for years, nor would I waste DVR space for it.

Meaning I have missed several of Alec Baldwin’s record-number of appearances, to which he added to Saturday.

He wasted his time, and ours, with a ridiculous appearance in which he “played” the airline pilot and said some gobbly-gook with a strange southern accent.

It was weird and offensive, much like Alec Baldwin has become in recent years.

There was no apology to the pilot, flight attendants or passengers of whom he wasted all their time recently by not shutting off his phone and putting it away.

The rules don’t apply to Alec Baldwin, however, or at least he doesn’t think they do.

Then, to rub salt in the wound, he thinks a cutesy-shmootsy appearance on SNL will make the matter go away.

You’re not funny any more Alec Baldwin. And more importantly, you’re not a very considerate person, either.