Changing Channels

Having a college football program is a privilege, not a right.

Some colleges, Penn State for one, should drop their college football programs IMMEDIATELY.

And this is coming from someone, me, who loves sports and athletics … when they bring out the best in people.

That’s the key part though …. when they bring out the best in people.

Too often, especially lately, college sports have brought out the WORST in people, especially those who run them.

It would be easy to pick on Penn State … all too easy I am afraid. They did the right thing in dismissing coach Joe Paterno, legend that he was but they waited too long to make a decision on assistant Mike McQueary.

If everyone else is out, just about everyone that is, than the man who allegedly saw Jerry Sandusky with a boy in the shower should be out too.

It shouldn’t take threats on his life to take that action, which the university STILL hasn’t done as of Friday morning.

Jim Tressel

But enough on Penn State, for now, Ohio State and UNC should STRONGLY consider dropping their college football programs NOW.

There’s been so much negative publicity about players receiving “gifts” and coaches looking the other way at things going on in their programs … it just no longer seems worth it.

Play ball!

Maybe not.

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