Remember Davey and Goliath?

Now that, my friends, WAS a cartoon! for this post goes to a high school alumnae of mine, JoAnne, who mentioned Davy and Goliath and The Little Rascals were two shows she just couldn’t shut off as a kid.

Me too, Joanne … along with Abbott and Costello and The Three Stooges.

The latter is NEVER a favorite among women for some reason, but I still find myself making Curly noises pretty often.

Usually when someone says something I don’t like…lol!


Davey and Goliath

But back to Davey and Goliath.

The cartooning of the pair was crude … it was a long time ago and filmed in something called “stop motion”.

The writing wasn’t the greatest and neither were the voices, “hey dave-y!”

But the moral of the stories … were excellent and left you feeling good.

How many shows can you say that about today?

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