Changing Channels

Some of you who wrote in about my “uptight about TV” feature the other day may be right:

Who needs TV?

I may not need reality shows any more thanks to my neighbor, Gary.

I think I will just put challenges in front of him and watch him take them on.

THAT will be my entertainment from now on.

The reason I think Gary deserves his own reality show, or IS his own reality show?

My next-door neighbor had an issue with a dead deer on her lawn the other day. The department of transportation wouldn’t move it because it wasn’t close enough to the road, while animal control wouldn’t deal with it because it was no longer alive.

My neighbor and I tried to lift our shovels to move it closer to the road so the DOT would move it but it wouldn’t budge.

Too heavy, I’m afraid.

I was afraid … of getting a hernia.

My neighbor and I knocked on Gary’s door, who lives a few condos down.

Gary, all of 150 pounds … of pure muscle I guess … walks up to the deer … grabs it by the antlers … and proceeds to drag it out to the road by himself!

What a man!

What a show!

Way to go Gary … too bad his “show” was over in about FIVE seconds.

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