Changing Channels

It’s funny, or not, that the team that took a season of Hard Knocks on HBO can’t even seem to take soft hits anymore.

At least it would have been nice if the team had won its long-suffering fan base a championship before getting so sensitive and so protective.

Mike Francesa

I am referring to New York Jets safety Darrelle Revis’ interview with Mike Francesa on the YES TV network/WFAN radio Friday afternoon.

I am not a huge Francesa fan, as he can be arrogant, blustery and mean to his callers and producers. The man is still one of the best in the business at what he does, however.

Don’t tell that to the Jets, who have had a frosty relationship with the sportscaster for some time, so much that Revis was the team’s final player to even agree to speak with him.

And then there were none.

Francesa’s “sin” was teasing Revis about a non-penalty call over a play where he was draped all over Brandon Marshall and then intercepted a pass headed to the Dolphins wideout.

Francesa was clearly joking around with Revis, though the player seemed to be getting slightly more agitated as the segment continued.

Revis even played the “you never played in the NFL so you wouldn’t know” card.

Ridiculous and pathetic.

Suddenly a Jets PR guy got on the phone and Revis was out of the conversation.

Was it Revis’ “call” to end the call or were the Jets being overly protective.

This is the gang that can’t shoot straight, trying to cover up matters that can be cleared up with a laugh or two like today’s call with Revis or Rex Ryan’s, ahem, enjoyment of his wife’s feet.

They better start worrying about winning football games … rather than getting in these continual scrums with the media.

The Jets appear to be losing the off-field battles worse than the on-field ones.


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