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Let me make one thing perfectly clear … as President Nixon used to say:

I was no big fan of Hank Williams over-the-top musical intro to Monday Night Football … it was obnoxious and over the top to me.

To be fair, “My Rowdy Friends” did kind of fit the nature of the game, however, as the main sports event of the night and the “American-ness” of the great sport of football.

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Well, the game’s still on but the song is gone after 20 long years.

That’s because Williams, as in Hank, was a bit too frank… and I don’t mean Gifford…about his feelings about President Obama on FOX and Friends’ morning show.

Williams reportedly compared Obama to Hitler and likened him and VP Joe Biden to “The Three Stooges”.

The latter part is an allowable criticism in my view, while the Hitler reference is too much and there is NO WAY the media will let him get away with it.

I have to wonder, however, if Williams wasn’t such ‘Rowdy Friends’ with Republicans and conservatives if the song would be dropped from the opening of MNF.

If the name-calling were directed at Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, would ABC/ESPN be so quick to act?

I hope so…but me thinks not…even if we should respect the office of the presidency.

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