Changing Channels

He may be a weatherman, but perhaps no one is better at improv comedy than NBC’s Al Roker.

Just watch the way he talks to people on the plaza during the Today show.

Al Roker

One of his best lines came the other day when Willard Scott … yes, he’s STILL on… mentioned that two seniors were arguing over who was older.

Without hesitating, Roker says “Ah…put ’em both in a jar of Smuckers and let themfight it out!”

Funny stuff, and a good way to get the sponsor a little more bang for their buck, which I am sure the jam company appreciates.

By the way, my address to send some product for this plug is: … lol.

But seriously, it’s good to see someone consistently positive, upbeat and friendly on TV.

Roker is Al-right with me!