Changing Channels

For about $5 per month you can add NFL Red Zone to your cable/satellite package, and for football fans it is WELL worth the price.

Ably hosted by Scott Hanson, the channel takes viewers to the best action around the league with an emphasis on team’s inside the 20-yard-line.

That area is also known as the Red Zone, where team’s are likely to score or at least get a field goal attempt. Hanson doesn’t mess around or try to be cute … he doesn’t have the time to.

It’s an efficient way to catch the best action around the league, particularly when the game in your local market is a stinkeroo.

Oh, to have had Red Zone when I lived in Sacramento and stuck with all those 49ers and Raiduhs’ games.

Ahhh….but I digress as I often do. The $5 pricetag usually means a package of other  sports channels as well so it’s really NOT bad.

Something I rarely say about my cable bill.


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