Changing Channels

Say what you will about Glenn Beck, but the man was a television star and personality unlike few others.

Love him or hate him, Beck could make you laugh or cry, in the same hour.

Who else on TV had a chalkboard that he frantically wrote on, either?

Well, Beck and his chalkboard and emotional ways are gone and we are left with The Five at 5p ET on the news channel.

There are a few smart and funny jabs here or there, and I love Dana Perino as a straight-shooter who worked for George W. Bush.

Bob Beckel, another of The Five commentators is also one of the few liberals in the world with a sense of humor.

There’s still not enough star power on the show, however. There’s not enough THERE there.

That said, it’s still better than ANY MSNBC political show…combined!

So any news is still pretty good news at FOX News.

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