Changing Channels

I believe all babies and children go to heaven when they die.

It gives me some peace to know that, especially after things happen like the Casey Anthony murder trial.

Casey Anthony

It made for riveting television watching the jury decision come down Tuesday finding her not guilty in the murder of her baby Caylee.

But the fact a child was left for dead in a garbage bag leaves me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Anthony’s previously much-maligned attorney Jose Baez was measured, even classy, in his post-verdict remarks which was nice to see. (except for unnecessary stumping against the death penalty as he closed).

It was much better than his mentor who spoke right before Baez and lashed out at the media and so-called “talking heads”.

Wrong message, wrong forum…and wrong time.

As Jeanine Pirro of Fox News opined: “This baby died before her time…who threw her in a bag? who duct-taped her skull? who threw her in a swamp?…”

Who could do such a thing?

And why won’t they pay for it?


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