There are many different things to get dangerously hooked on in life, and hoarding is certainly one of them, especially in America with its relative wealth.

The A&E show Hoarders points out at the beginning of each program that 3 million people have the addiction.

It also defines hoarding is “a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to acquire and keep things …” even worthless, hazardous or unsanitary items.

Hoarders doesn’t dance around the subject, offering viewers a look into the lives of people whose homes are literally packed wall-to-wall with stuff.

Some people hardly even leave themselves enough room to sleep at night, and certainly can’t have company over during the day.

They have pushed family out of their lives, and become sad, desperate and isolated.

It’s really tough to watch what they have done to their own lives and those of their family members, who often become estranged.

The series offers a way out through therapy and the manpower to help Hoarders clear the clutter out of their lives.

But these people have to accept the help. And that is a gut-wrenching part of the process.

The A&E series is difficult to sit through, but is certainly a worthwhile watch.


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