Changing Channels

I have to admit, the opposite of what I thought would happen with Sarah Palin’s documentary took place.

I thought The Undefeated would be critically panned but be a cult hit among Evangelical Christians and/or conservative Republicans.

Instead, apparently the reverse happened as even the liberal New York Times gave the movie a positive review though the film has not exactly caught fire among viewers.

There are a couple of reasons for this, perhaps, as some may be tired of Palin due to the last election and non-stop media coverage of her and her family.

Others, meanwhile, may be drawn the new woman in Washington: Michelle Bachmann.

(I like Bachmann, but I wish her people would stop calling me as I have NO money to give over the summer … though I respect her and the effort).

Anyway, Palin’s movie is about to hit the Pay Per View circuit on DirecTV, Dish Network and Time Warner.

I have backed up Sarah Palin before as someone who speaks up for Christ, loves this country and was an effective governor.

But it will be interesting if she continues to be Undefeated even if her movie goes virtually unwatched.

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