Changing Channels

OK, I’ll admit it.

I LOVE that commercial for magnetic screens where people and pets can push their way through without having to continually open and shut doors.

(Oh, the things we have to endure in this nation!)

The people are cool and happy and the big dog lumbers his way through the screen.

But what REALLY gets me is how the little dog punches his way through the screen … what a determined little fella he is!

And what a GREAT product that must be! … just someone who bought one tell me if it lasts through the summer or looks as torn and weather-beaten as your Uncle Charlie.

What I don’t care for, however, is that fruit and nut cutter/slicer guy “Vince” is trying to push…yes, the slap-chop.

Vince from Sham-wow

I don’t care for his inappropriate double-entendre or behind the back toss into the sink, either.

If he’s soooooo cool what happened to the sham-wow, which he also “info-mercialed”?

Could it be the towel was more “sham” than “wow”?


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