Changing Channels
July 2011 Archives

No one does more corny puns than me. One group of people does, however: the advertising firms for American products. Sonic, a hamburger chain throughout the U.S. and a half-hour worthwhile drive for me, recently did a take-off on America’s …Read More

Mitch Williams performs similarly in his role as an analyst on the MLB Network as he did as a reliever in the big leagues. He just lets fly. The ex-MLB/Phillies closer is most famous for allowing Joe Carter’s bomb for …Read More

I admit I was going to write about how much better cartoons were when I was growing up, but then I realized something: I haven’t watched cartoons for years, save for a rare episode of Sponge Bob or Speed Racer …Read More

To say HBO’s Real Sports revived Bryant Gumbel’s career is like saying Rex Ryan likes cheeseburgers. Well done, not the cheeseburgers, the HBO program is as Gumbel deftly plays host to different sports-themed stories, some featurey and most thought-provoking. Without …Read More

How can one group appear on two morning shows at once? Perhaps they are called “Journey” for a reason, as the rock group performed its classic Don’t Stop Believin’ on NBC’s Today Show Friday morning, then the song was performed …Read More

When Man Vs Food is on, I will travel to another channel, at least if its toward the end of the program. The Travel Channel show is informative and interesting when it comes to showing how food is prepared and …Read More

Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne are likeable in their roles as judges on America’s Got Talent, to be sure. But only Piers Morgan consistently takes his role seriously as a TRUE judge of talent. That was evident again Tuesday night …Read More

I have to admit, the opposite of what I thought would happen with Sarah Palin’s documentary took place. I thought The Undefeated would be critically panned but be a cult hit among Evangelical Christians and/or conservative Republicans. Instead, apparently the …Read More

To me, David Letterman and Jay Leno have both gone stale in the battle for late night. On the rare occasions I have seen him, Conan O’Brien is still sharp and funny. The problem is, I really haven’t fully followed …Read More

I was a terrible official/referee for youth flag football when I tried it once. I am having the same results trying to figure out whether or not I enjoy NBC’s The Marriage Ref, which airs Sunday night on the network …Read More