Changing Channels

Cee Lo Green

Every summer it seems like the same lament: “There’s nothing to watch on TV!”

Well…I beg to differ. Without the programs that are on I wouldn’t have:

…nixed the name “Bentley” for my first born. If you watch “The Bachelor” you know what I mean.

…learned how to dress like Cee Lo Green of “The Voice”. Of course, maybe I need to lose that look when I am just going food shopping.

…worried so much about the relationship between Yankee broadcasters Michael Kaye and Paul O’Neill. Kaye has a dream job, a beautiful wife in newscaster Jodi Applegate but he can’t get over the fact he’ll never be a beloved ex-MLB star like O’Neill.

…had the time to think about why Mark Jackson would want to leave a cushy job as an NBA broadcaster to try to turn around the perennially awful Golden State Warriors.

…thought of a name for the new hospital in a war zone series on ABC … how about “M*A*S*H”?

…had the time to worry about who is going to fill the post-Oprah void. Clever ad from Ellen Degeneres though about needing to see her, Auntie Ellen, for your next trip to Australia.

No thanks, I’ve already booked a visit to Thailand. Oh wait … that was just an episode of “The Bachelor”.

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