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I am not a television executive … nor do I play one on TV.

OK, that almost joke aside, am I the only television “analyst” to see that the best fit for Katie Couric isn’t as a talk show host/part-time news reporter?

That’s ABC’s plan anyway for its newly hired talent, set to work for a third network in her distinguished career.

Distinguished, but marred by her run as anchor of the CBS Evening News, in which the network paid her a ton of dough only to see ratings dip.

Katie Couric

Couric could also be criticized for her left (wing) hooks against Republicans like George W. Bush and Sarah Palin.

Couric is a proven commodity in the morning … but the afternoon talk show could be another disaster, or at least disappointment.

The hope is she can fill the Oprah void when Katie’s talk show debuts in 2012. For all of Winfrey’s shortcomings, Couric does not have the warmth, presence or reach Oprah possessed.

In short, Oprah would OWN Couric if they had competing daytime talk shows.

But Couric would certainly provide some punch as a host of the second-ranked Good Morning America.

Compared to NBC’s Ann Curry, recently promoted to Matt Lauer’s sidekick role with Meredith Viera’s departure on Today, Couric would have some heft and gravitas.

That’s a matchup I would like to see.

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