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Charles Osgood

Welcome to my blog on I am pleased and proud to be able to share my wide-ranging thoughts on the most important media in the world: television.

I’ll start by sharing how one television show was a part of my life as a youngster, and is even more special to me as I have gotten older.

I never used to understand why my Uncle Gerry used to watch “CBS Sunday Morning” every, well, Sunday morning.

The then-Charles Kuralt hosted program seemed so deadly-dull with its news and feature stories and peaceful segments on nature.

That’s not to say I still wouldn’t take the train from Port Jefferson to Seaford (N.Y.) for my aunt Lois’ delicious breakfasts on occasional Sundays.

I just didn’t understand why Gerry, a large and gregarious man with a voice that could barrel through Brooklyn, could sit there for an hour and a half contently and quietly watching that program.

After the passing of Kuralt some years back, Charles Osgood took over as host and nothing changed.

Except me, thank goodness.

Being a little bit older and a bit more mature now, I get why Gerry Gallagher, who also unfortunately passed in recent years, enjoyed the program so much.

The best way to describe it is like opening a Sunday newspaper without getting all the ink all over your hands.

Osgood, and a cast of fine reporters, deftly take the viewer through features on news, politics, history and culture and thanks usually to Bill Geist, a laugh or two as well.

The show’s recent piece on a goose that befriended a man at a Los Angeles park was simple but brilliant.

Perhaps that’s the best way to describe CBS Sunday Morning, as well.

Simple but brilliant.


This column is in memory of my cousin Timothy Gallagher, who left this earth far too soon after suffering a recent heart attack.

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