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Donald Trump

When you are a leader, it’s good to send people off your trail by having a bit of a loon serve as second in command.

Some people feel President Barack Obama did just that when he selected Joe Biden as vice president.

Biden, you might recall, reportedly plagiarized speeches and was known for saying nutty stuff BEFORE becoming VP.

If Gary Busey was auditioning for the job as Trump’s VP on this season of “Celebrity Apprentice”, then The Donald should have just two words for him:

“You’re Hired!”

Busey, after all, was brilliant in getting more than his share of attention on his short stint on the program.

Meat Loaf, for one, was plenty baked at Busey and wanted to tear the actor apart after one disagreement.

And you thought people didn’t like Dick Cheney?

In standing up to Busey, Meat Loaf showed in that instance he would make a strong secretary of defense in a Trump administration.

Speaking of more potential cabinet members, poor LaToya Jackson, bumped off a recent episode in favor of Nene Leakes and Star Jones, is a soft-spoken person who could best serve as secretary of state.

(LaToya returned after stating her case to ‘The Donald’ but only lasted one  task and was dismissed in favor of John Rich and Lil’ Jon).

Word is, however, that Meat Loaf already got word of the potential appointments in the next president’s administration and approached Trump about them.

“Mr. Trump,” said Meat Loaf, with tears starting to roll down his eyes. “I like your decisions on having LaToya and I serve in your cabinet but I have to disagree with you wanting to make Gary Busey your vice president!”

Trump took a moment and then calmly and coolly replied … “Meat Loaf … don’t be sad, you of all people should know … that two out of three ain’t bad!”

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