The introduction of high-definition television a few years back was literally an eye-opener.

HDTV, as it is more often referred, makes images on the screen far clearer and brighter than the “old” standard definition television.

The even more recent addition of 3D to the marketplace then leaves some TV buyers in a quandary: should one purchase the less expensive HDTV or generally spend quite a bit more for a 3DTV, for a more “in your face” experience

Although I already had a 19″ HDTV in my office I felt it was too small, so I sucked it up, checked with the missus, and purchased a 3DTV.

Being “thrifty”, I searched $700 3DTV on the internet and it yielded a 42″ model by top TV maker LG from a seller I trusted. Despite the limited offerings of 3DTV  programming at this point, and a $10 monthly technology fee from my carrier, I am still glad I did it.

The experience of watching some of the NBA playoffs in 3DTV is dynamic, and the same goes for the two movies I have rented: Despicable Me and TRON: Legacy.

One has to be in a certain mood for the humor of Despicable Me or to watch the dark action of TRON: Legacy, but both play very well in 3D. If HD brings out the picture a half mile, then 3D takes it another 9 and a half miles.

Worth it, well worth it.

3D TV display
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