Changing Channels
May 2011 Archives

One of television’s most surprising success stories in recent years has been NBC’s America’s Got Talent. The Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel judged show, hosted by Nick Cannon is one of the few programs that can make you …Read More

I used to look forward to watching CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday mornings. I was hoping, against hope apparently, the show would be a fair look at how the media covers the government and politics. Would the show find that …Read More

First for the good part. Oprah has done alot of good things through the years by building schools in Africa, bringing awareness to many worthy causes and changing the lives of ordinary folks through her giveaways. Oprah’s finale Wednesday lacked …Read More

“I want to thank the Lord, for he got me here,” said Scotty McCreery after winning this season’s American Idol. Good for him, giving props where they should go in the opinion of many … to the Lord. His fans …Read More

One of my favorite things to do when thinking about a TV show is recalling where the actors came from previously. The all-too short-lived 90’s NBC series Freaks and Geeks, for instance “spawned” future movie star actors in James Franco, …Read More

For all the moaning and groaning from some fans, Scotty McCreery, the Carolina country crooner, clearly deserves to win this edition of American Idol. If not the most talented singer of the “bunch”, McCreery has certainly been the most consistent …Read More

I have been accused over the years of being a suck up to the boss for occasionally trying to see things his/her way. That said, it has been really gratifying the FEW times a boss has gone out of his/her …Read More

The introduction of high-definition television a few years back was literally an eye-opener. HDTV, as it is more often referred, makes images on the screen far clearer and brighter than the “old” standard definition television. The even more recent addition …Read More

You know a commercial is good when you could have changed the channel … but didn’t. That’s usually the case with McDonalds ads, including its most recent one of a lemon with a human face whining about he’s usually referred …Read More

Call me a prude, or say that I don’t have much of a sense of humor. Say what you want, but I am not all that concerned about who replaces Charlie Sheen on the CBS comedy “Two And A Half …Read More