Changing Channels

I used to look forward to watching CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday mornings.

I was hoping, against hope apparently, the show would be a fair look at how the media covers the government and politics.

Would the show find that the media is unfairly biased to the left, even sometimes to the FAR left when doing its job?

Of course not … Reliable Sources should more accurately be called Unreliable Sources.

Compared the the far-left leaning MSNBC and the (not as much as you would think) right bending FOX News, CNN had an opportunity to fashion itself a place in the middle, whether real or perceived.

Consider it opportunity blown, however.

The perfect example is Reliable Sources, which rarely has conservative guests on its panels to balance out the liberals.

Host Howard Kurtz also tries, although not that hard, to hide his disdain or jealousy for conservative commentators like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.

Part of that’s OK Howard … you don’t have to like them.

But you should consider it part of your job to fairly analyze what they are saying and the impact they have.

Apparently that’s too much to ask …

Howard Kurtz

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