I grew up on the melodies and harmonies of musical icon Carole King.  Her stirring voice both lulled and uplifted me and I can  recall many of her tunes as if hearing them in my head. A favorite, albeit not as well known as You’ve Got a Friend or Tapestry, is called One and it speaks to the importance of unifying instead of separating. It is a call to action and a way of overcoming helplessness in the face of whirling world events. For this peace and social justice warrior, it is a rallying cry. It helps me feel less alone when I wonder, as King ponders, “What am I gonna do?”  What do I do?  I march, I pray, I pen articles like this one, I hug it out on the streets worldwide, I listen to various viewpoints, I keep abreast of day to day accounts of human interaction and sometimes cringe at them, and then decide what action to take, I contact my representatives, I spend time with kindred spirits to both brainstorm and bolster.

Recently I saw an article about King using her musical mojo to get the word out about the injustice being perpetrated by the current administration in the (not so) United States. Although she does not mention the current occupant of the Oval Office, she is clear that is who she is addressing. There are times when I question the purpose of the chaos that continues to swirl about as a result.

Immediately after the election of 2016, I wrote this inquiry:

“So, God/dess and I are having this ongoing conversation tonight. I asked, “If what you are about is love, peace and acceptance, if every holy book speaks about those values, how can we be witnessing someone rising to power who embodies none of those things?” How do those of us who love and embody peace wrap our minds around what is unfolding? It feels like a dystopic movie script. Is God/dess interventive? Does the Divine have a stake in this election? Is it our voice and our collective power that can turn the tide and let love prevail? I think about dictatorships that have taken root in other parts of the world and wonder how we can prevent that here. Let’s stand together in this vision.” 

When I reposted it today on my Facebook page, my friend Ernie asked how the Divine responded. Here is the answer that came through loud and clear. “You are all co-creators, with the power to make change, positive or negative. Before you are two roads. One is dark and treacherous, with brambles and sinkholes that can swallow you whole, but you may hold the illusion that a great reward is there for you. It tells you that competition is necessary and there isn’t enough to around. A short sighted and fearful vision. The other is brightly illuminated, so you can see what is ahead. You know that it too may hold peril, but you travel it with the support of others with whom you share strengths and lend support. You will encounter others on the path who straddle both views. Keep your heart open, even if you vehemently disagree with those whose paths you cross. Let courage go before you, heart wide open. Listen to the voice of love when the voice of hatred sneers and scowls. My stake, as you have asked is that you travel together as companions on this jourmey.  Trust the process and don’t fall prey to fear. ”

Along with Carole King and all others who lift our voices, I am grateful to be an aspect of the One

“Open your heart and let the love come shining through
And you will do what you need to do
To know just where the other you is coming from
He is one–she is one
A tree is one–the earth is one–the universe is one
I am one–we are one

It just amazes me that I can be
Part of the energy it takes to serve each other
And I wonder what am I gonna do
What can one do
Except be one
Each of us is one–all of us are one
We are one
What am I gonna do
Be one”

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