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For as long as  I can recall, I have been tapped into other realms beyond the three dimensional. At the risk of sounding like I am spouting what I call ‘airy fairy cosmic foo- foo stuff,’  I’m sure that there is more to reality than what we know. When I was a kid, I saw, heard and felt things differently than my peers who would sometimes look at me like I was from another planet. Perhaps I am, or at least that’s what I told my parents. I said that I was an alien baby left on their doorstep. Sometimes I think they believed me, although my mother would respond that she knew I was hers since she ‘hatched me’.

I would receive messages in dreams, think about someone and they would show up, sing a song in my head and it would be the next one on the radio. I have a conversation in my imagination and when it occurred in real time, sometimes it would play out word for word. If I am talking with someone, I can occasionally predict the next word or sentence they will say. There was a time when I would think it was too woo- woo even for me and I could hear the Twilight Zone theme playing in the background. Now, it’s just normal. I have come to expect it.

Sometimes I wonder if The Cosmic Communicator scripts and places rolled up messages in bottles and casts them adrift for us to rescue.

A message came through to me a year ago.  It goes like this, “You are here in this lifetime to experience BIG LOVE. It may not look like you expect it to. It may come out of the blue. It is expansive and abundant. It takes many forms. It enables you to go heart to heart with people and not just head to head. It is your wild carpet ride and magical mystery tour. It is breathtaking and dazzling. It sets your feet to dancing and heart to leaping. It transcends definition and is completely unlimited. It takes you on unexpected flights of fancy and fantasy. It oozes from your pores. It is all-encompassing. It invites you to change your mind about everything you thought you knew. It dares you to dream. It bolsters you when you are flagging. It is unconditional. It sustains you when you feel weak and vulnerable. It allows you to say things you never thought you would. It gives you courage and scares the crap out of you at the same time. It is all you were, all you are and all you ever will be. Embrace it. It wants to embrace you.”

As a career therapist who has sat with thousands of people over the past 40 years, I can, with confidence, say that I have a keen intuition. I have yet to claim the identity of psychic since my abilities feel random and unpredictable. As an empath, I can read people’s energy and sometimes (to my detriment at times) feel what they feel. I continue to be in awe when people I know, consistently use their skills to communicate with those who have passed, to share messages with clients that they would no other way of knowing except that Spirit spoke through them. I admire how they use it for good and to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I endeavor to do the same with my developing gifts. I want to continue to unwrap them as I too listen with open ears, heart, and mind to the whisperings from the Beyond.

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