There are days when I feel completely impatient, wanting things to move at a faster pace than they do. Frustrated when I set an intention, do the leg work and then need to surrender while the proverbial cake is still baking. I know, I am mixing metaphors here, but you get the idea. I could say that I gather ingredients, a big bowl, wire whisk, baking pan and turn on the oven to heat to just the right temperature. That sounds more enticing. Once the cake is in the oven, I can tap my feet or I can clean up the kitchen so that when the confection emerges, smelling scrumptious, I can dig in and share it with those who have gathered to celebrate the finished product without a mess scattered about.

The challenge is in the waiting. How the cake turns out is based on a few factors; first among them, the ingredients I choose to include. If I mix chocolate with berries, it might taste better than chocolate and broccoli, even though I like both. Some things just go better together. The next step is to be sure I am equipped and the temperature of the oven is just right, or my dreams will be half baked. I was thinking about a recent conversation with a visionary who has lots of good ideas but doesn’t have the motivation to follow through on them. I could see her face light up as she spoke but when we explored the how-tos, her illumination dimmed dramatically, as if to ask, “You mean I have to do something about it?” Yup.

I am both a dreamer and a do-er. I wish I had time to accomplish all that my heart desires. Nearly everything is a creative prompt for me, whether it beckons from the writing realm or the speaking stage. When I sit with clients, information comes through at the speed of thought. I sometimes feel like a Pez dispenser offering guidance. Stuff pops out that surprises even me…”Where did THAT come from?”

Would that I trust the wisdom I dispense to others. That’s where I get snagged. I have so many bowls and plates spinning and balls in the air that I sometimes can’t keep them all in motion and yet, I am afraid that if I’m not vigilant, they will come crashing down. On the flip side, if I don’t attempt to get them up there, I won’t dazzle the witnessing crowds. Can’t have that.

When I gaze over my shoulder down the timeline, I can clearly see that much of what I have called in far exceeds my dreams, even if I didn’t have the ability to notice it at the time. I wonder how many of the experiences I have had have been orchestrated behind the scenes at first in order to make it easier to accept once they do show up. The people I know now had been living their lives before our paths crossed. The job I have now existed before I applied for it. The car I drive and the computer on which I am writing this post existed before I purchased them. The opportunities of which I have availed myself were there before I called them in. The question is, can I let go and wait for the oven to offer up the yummy treat the celestial cook and I have co-created?

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