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Often, I ask for a message of guidance before going to sleep. The Sleep Faerie always delivers. After a long week filled with exciting activities and divine interactions (more to follow this week), I went to sleep early. The words that came through loud and clear were “Bare Boldly”. I know it ties in directly with some of the teaching I have been doing, but also, on a deeper level, the inner work I have been engaged in over the past few years. Coming out from behind the pseudo-safety shelter of the ‘you can’t see me if I am hiding under this blanket’ mindset that little kids have. I would peek out and then say, “Nah….not comin’ out yet.” Then I would dive for shelter. Back and forth I would go. Still there somewhat, but nowhere near as often.

Some of it has looked like taking all kinds of leaps with my creative work, putting it out there shamelessly in the world. Not going to let this gift I was given go to waste.

Some have it has looked like trusting my intuition and the messages that come through from Source.

Some of it has looked like walking my talk in all areas of my life.

Some of it has looked like hugging strangers on the street as a Hugmobster Armed With Love.

Some has looked like asking for what I want, even if the answer might be no. It is learning, even as a consent educator that opening our minds and hearts can feel like a risk.

Some has looked like stretching my comfort zones in all areas of my life.

Some has looked like expecting (yes….that sometimes loaded word) more from my relationships and standing for nothing less from myself and them. Without reciprocity and mutual nurturing, they shrivel and die. With loving care, they thrive. I choose thriving relationships.

Some has looked like taking better care of this body that totes around my Spirit. Realizing how much I had taken it for granted. These days, I offer it movement and rest, healthier eating habits, naps, healing touch, sunshine, and play. I send it affirming messages instead of criticism for not looking the way I want it to, or being as flexible as I would like it to be.

SOOO, I offer you this challenge….

How can you BARE BOLDLY in your own life? It doesn’t necessarily mean taking your clothes off, although you could if that suits you or is a healthy stretch for you.

Looking forward to hearing about your journey.

 Here’s to peeling off the layers to reveal the real.