Like every year since I landed on the planet a bit more than 60 years ago, I have experienced joys and challenges, contentment and distress, pain and pleasure, what I thought I wanted and what I am ultimately glad I didn’t get. That could be jobs and relationships, opportunities that felt like they were being snatched out from under me when in reality, they were being done FOR me and not TO me. Hard at times not to feel like a victim of circumstance or the capriciousness of the Universe.

I saw 2018 in with friends at a low key party, that also included meditation. A few months later after respiratory distress, I found myself in the hospital with pneumonia on April Fools Day. Six weeks later I lived a lifetime dream by traveling to Ireland, where I hugged my way across the country and made new friends.

I facilitated workshops and served clients in my therapy practice. I attended workshops and classes, filling my brain with more cool ideas that will help me personally and professionally.

I collaborated with others on projects. I called more amazing people into my life, opened my heart bigger than ever. I hugged oodles of people as a Hugmobster Armed With Love.

I wrote billions of words, that have been scattered worldwide, scooped up by readers who gave glowing feedback.

I went to rallies and vigils. I have walked and hugged, prayed and spoke out for peace and social justice.

I ushered in my 61st year in October with family and friends and hosted the annual Latke-palooza in December. Winter Solstice was honored with music, chanting, setting intention, releasing from this year, burning the Yule Log. Celebrated Christmas at my son Adam and daughter-in-law Lauren’s new home and couldn’t be prouder of them and the life they have created. Amazing to consider the journey he and I have been on and the times when we would go head to head. Now we go heart to heart.

I have stretched comfort zones and dove more deeply into an exploration of the woman in the mirror. I have been both gratified and horrified by what has emerged. I have laughed and cried over those revelations.

I have sweated it out in the gym, to keep this body healthy, strong and resilient.

I have accompanied my friend Ondreah Johnson on her two-year journey to the next place she went. Her memorial service is coming up next Saturday and I have been creating it in my sleep these last few nights.

I said goodbye to two other friends: Murray Needleman and Len Daley, both unexpectedly taking their leave.

As we dance across the threshold from 2018 to 2019, it is my fervent intention to do it with joy, leaving behind all that does not serve that purpose. Knowing that if we do it together with a vision of peace and cooperation, with love leading the way, holding hands as we dance into our dreams, passion, and purpose, it will be that much easier and that much more fun. Care to join me?

What is your intention? Wishing you a happy, healthy, full, rich, juicy New Year.

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