I am a magnet for synchronicities and cosmic coincidence that occur almost daily and I shake my head in bewildered awe at how events and people come together. Over the past month or so these, these have stood out as poignant and powerful examples of how they play out.

I posted this on Facebook: “As my big 6-0 birthday is coming up in October, my intent is to take this trip of a lifetime to Ireland. It’s been on my bucket list for a long while and I’m planting the seeds. Have already been checking out flights and connecting with friends who either live there or have lived there. See the vision with me.” I then asked Spirit to be my tour guide and then surrendered outcome.  What followed was this:

Heeere we goooo…taking a big leap. For much of my life, I have been drawn to Irish culture, literature, music, and people. I have wanted to travel to Ireland for as long as I can remember but was all tied up in knots over money. That has been my go-to ancestral fear, despite the fact that I have always been able to support myself. I mentioned a week or so ago that I planned to go for my 60th birthday which is in October. Back in 2003, I was delighted to discover a magnificent video called A Knock at the Door. Angi Sullins and her husband Silas Toball created it. I fell in love with it. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and she gets in touch with me for the first time, about the possibility of incorporating a piece of my writing into her work. Then this morning, I see that she is taking a group of folks on a tour to…wait for it…Ireland. A clutch of fear and then after talking to a few trusted friends and getting an unmistakable sign this morning, I called her and am all in! Totally committed.

Surrendering to the magic that I know will occur there. I welcome the abundance flowing in that will help me see it through.

And another…

Holy interconnections, Batman! Just got off the phone with my friend  Ruth Weisberg who contacted me after I posted a video created by her daughter Talia (a.k.a. Aunt Terri). I already knew that her mother Libby and my father Moish were childhood friends in South Philly. I am going to visit Libby next weekend and look forward to hearing stories about my grandparents, dad, aunt, and uncles. Now, another overlapping soul circle connection…Libby’s sister (Ruth’s aunt) is the mother of Mama Gena (Regena Thomashauer). Back in February, I sat in an auditorium in NYC as 900-some Sister Goddesses raised their voices and opened their hearts in empowerment. Regena’s mom was there, as was Talia, but we didn’t get to meet. I feel like we are already family. Blown out of the water amazed!

And yet another….

A miracle story to share involving a woman who participated in a class I taught. During the break, at From Haha to Aha: The Power of Laughter, Play and Creativity To Enhance Your Practice, she approached me and said that her mother had died a year and a half ago and she was missing her. Someone had recently asked her if she had received any messages from her mom and she said she hadn’t. Her power had gone out in the recent snowstorm and she had been contemplating at the last minute whether she was going to attend, feeling really down and drained. She decided to join us. She felt like it was a meant-to-be occurrence when she heard my name since it was also her mother’s name….Edie Weinstein. When it was time to leave, after a whole lotta laughing, she felt uplifted and glad she came. It was a pleasure to meet Ava Weinstein Atzram.

More synchronicities.  My friend Ondreah Johnson and I went to the Chung Dam Spa ( a Korean day spa) today for some ahhhh time. In need of pampering for sure. While we were soaking in the hot tub, we struck up a conversation with three sisters who were in there with us. Turns out that one is a social worker (like me), one has been a nurse (like Ondreah) and one is in nursing school. As we were sitting on a sofa afterward, I noticed a woman holding a book and I asked her what she was reading and it was a book written by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu called The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World. We spoke about my interview with His Holiness and my desire to interview the Archbishop. She is a psychologist whose spiritual practice overlaps with Ondreah’s (Siddha Yoga is part of her experience).

I had a massage that really worked me over. Much more intense than what I accustomed to, but it helped to soften some of the residual soreness from snow shoveling and gym workouts this past week.

Then we headed for dinner. Our intention was to stop at Whole Foods in North Wales, only to discover that they were closed and moving to Springhouse in May. We decided to go to Harvest Grill instead and were so glad we did. The fish tacos were light and yummy and had a house garden salad that accompanied it. Decadent dessert which I usually don’t indulge in was a mini brownie sundae in a shot glass. The bigger treat was that our waitress was Regina Paul who greeted us enthusiastically and noticed the I Love You t-shirt I was wearing and then we hugged. She kept us laughing and smiling the whole time.

Eager to see what signs and synchronicities arrive today.

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