I wrote this on November 19th, 2017 when it was still an open question as to whether these two individuals had passed or were still among the land of the living. At this writing, David Cassidy is still in a hospital.

Pondering what happens when notables and notorious die. On the same day, a beloved musical/cultural icon (David Cassidy) and violent criminal (Charles Manson) crossed or are crossing over to whatever awaits them. (the news keeps reporting that they are still here or are already gone) If people are forces for good or evil, is there are a consequence? Do their souls transcend their earthly actions? I like to think that I do good, not for reward on the Other Side, but to make a difference while I am still on this side of the veil.

I imagined what might happen if they were to meet in the Beyond. Would they retain the energy that they had embodied when they walked the Earth? Would they do a life review and stand accountable for they did and the choices they made to do good works or commit evil acts? Although I am not 100% certain of what occurs when we leave our bodies, I have a sense that it is not ‘nothing’. There are those who believe that once we are dead…that’s it.

I polled social media peeps and was astounded by the variety of responses.

“I can never presume to judge another’s afterlife direction; even in disliking the actions of some public figures, I try my best not to insult them personally, although I do join protests against their policies and actions. When people are reduced to name calling, it tears down the quality of dialogue and nothing is accomplished. But I won’t speculate on what might or should happen to anyone after they die. Curiously, I once dreamed I had died and was in something like a hospital, first in a room where I was being registered or examined and then as I was being led elsewhere, I woke up. During the dream, I was treated kindly, at least courteously, not judged, just cared for, although not in a blissful place either, just generally comfortable, but wondering what to expect.”

“Everything is either love or a call for love.”

“I too am more concerned with being loving on this side of the veil than with what it will do for me on the other side.”

“I think that regardless of what you do in life, you are met with love and shown how your actions affected others, good and bad. Perhaps, in the case of bad actions, you get to feel their pain.”

” On the other side there is no good or evil. Everyone enters a hospital of sorts. Until they surrender their belief systems.”

“There is no judgment. We are here for the experience.”

“I have crossed a few people over and the worst went right back in. The rest shoot up and bliss out. I think they know how to make things better and don’t waste time. That was my impression.”

“Charles Manson died today of natural causes. I too wonder what awaits a soul… in reflecting upon this. Then I tried to reflect upon how tortured his soul was in this life. Then I examined my own life to look at the seeds on me of anger, greed, fear etc. How do I continue to reflect upon myself and weed out what does not serve me or humankind and keep me from being love.”

“All is energy. Consciousness is what we all are. All thoughts ideas attitudes words and actions are massive “Attractors” within a certain field. Like unto like. All are eternal.”

“As a Medium for many many years I can tell you there is no punishment.”

“Those were the answers I received from the King Salomon Lineage when I stepped on the path of empowerment. The knowledge, tools of connecting and knowing our divine power put my mind to rest and I could finally reach deeper inner peace. Join us. With Light. Ula”

“The sides are ever-widening… we have the service to self, vs. the service to all…..Those that utilize hate or anger, judgment or jealousy are usually, service to self…They have something to learn there, so no matter our wanting to shake them sometimes…. we have to let them learn it on their own…. its that thing, about disliking Humans, but loving Humanity….Everything is coming undone, There are ancient prophecies from all over the world to this time period……. the trick to surviving this time is not to box your self in, to your old beliefs….utilise your inner tools, intuition, discretion, love …. then go with the flow.”

“Charles Manson was an awful human being and led others to murderous actions which most on earth find unforgivable. At the same, there are others who have committed 1st hand 1st degree murder who have paid far less for their crimes. Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe that Manson needed to spend his time behind bars, as for the death penalty I believe that might have been too merciful. For, me the question remains as to why he was motivated to do this harm to people involved. In enlightenment that Roman Polanski had been a pedophile, I have often wondered if that had some tie do the murderous outrage – Think “Dexter,” as while others were also killed, it has appeared to many that Sharon Tate, married to Roman at the time and her unborn baby, were the primary targets. While the outcome was sheer murderous madness – a very sad one, it is possible that were certain motives which may have never come to light. I can not make a new paragraph or I would. I also do not understand how two of out those actually having committed the murders have now been granted parole nor will I. One of which is still in the hands of a California Governor. As to whether or not souls of mad men and mad women or those sane whom commit these crimes cross over, I believe that some may spend a life in purgatory(such as Manson and other serial criminals, pedophiles and murderous) while others who had shown a change of heart, remorse and later helped others may very well have access to the light across the veil.”

” I’ve had a NDE. I think where your spirit wanders to has a lot more to do with your state of mind/ being at the time of death than anything else. This is why it is important to cultivate presence and do things like meditate. To train yourself to be heart-centered and present even when things feel chaotic.I suppose practicing for your death and preparing for it helps too. I recommend a book called “a year to live” to lots of people. Not only does it help people who may be facing death, it helps everyone be more present to and come to terms with their lives in a way that is very life-affirming. I don’t think things are as simple as good and evil… at least not where I’ve come from. I think when it comes to Manson andthat other dude, what is likely much more relevant is what happens inside each of us around the topic.Things are dying all the time. “Good” and “bad”. This isn’t a novel happening except that many people are aware of it because these ones were famous.”

“The only thing I will say is something I once heard Gary Zukav say, which I will paraphrase. Part of the soul’s evolution is to experience what it causes. Only then will it learn to stop repeating the cycle of causing harm to others.”

“My Destiny. A thin veil Separates our reality from the next. I have a small circle of friends who know My premonitions have a way of unfolding. You can sense it in moments of transcending. It’s in those times when the veil is lifted. I dreamed my destiny the other night. I feel no pain as  my Spirit walks away.”

A friend of mine, deeply spiritual, grounded and kind, once had a vision of being in heaven (or a place like that.). She felt this incredibly loving God presence/Light shining and enveloping both her and another person to her right. Imagine her surprise when she realized the other person was Hitler. (And she is Jewish.) Apparently, God loves us all!”

“Spirit has shown me that those who die in fear or with anger and hate in their hearts are incubated in a separate area in their dimension and bathed in pure love until such time as they are ready to be shown the consequence of their words and deeds. At that time, they are taught through empathy. There is no time and space so their soul travels to each and every moment they impacted another. Their soul blends with the affected person, animal, being, and that departed soul experiences the effect of their words and actions AS the other person. They also must personally experience the repercussions of their deeds on future generations.

Imagine how many experiences a mass murderer would feel? Hitler, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan, Christopher Columbus, Idi Amin…
After the learning is complete, they return to this or another parallel universe to live another life. Maybe the same one, maybe another. Perhaps they return as the victim instead of the victor. There is no punishment, only growth, and learning. The hell, if you choose to call it that, is of our own making. That’s what I’ve been shown. Hope that’s helpful or at least food for thought.”







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