I woke up this morning another year older and hopefully another year wiser. If I consider the experiences I have had and the people who surround me, I am certainly far richer. It has nothing to do with the digits in my bank account and more to do with the wealth that I glean from the relationships in my life. I think often about the ways in which they enhance my life, perhaps without even knowing that they do. The little things, like a well-timed phone call or email that bring happy tears to my eyes. Angelic encounters like one I had in a grocery store last week with an older woman who reminded me of my mother who died nearly seven years ago and her niece who it turns out is friends with a friend of mine who I had also run into at the same store a few moments earlier, remind me that serendipity and synchronicity are real. The fact that I awoke in a clean, safe, dry, intact home when so many all over the world are struggling to recover from hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and fires is something to appreciate. There are times when I feel disgruntled that my life is not always on track and sometimes my thoughts get de-railed.  That’s when this list will come in handy. I wrote it last night before going to bed.


Tomorrow is my 59th birthday. It not only doesn’t freak me out to be getting closer to 60, but it delights me to consider all the blessings that have come along with nearly six decades on the planet (this time around, at least) and maybe a wee bit of wisdom. I made a list of 59 things I am grateful for.

Fifty- Nine Glorious Gratitudes
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Health
4. A beautiful cozy home
5. The Muse who inspires me
6. My Jeep that gets me where I need to go
7. Work that I love
8. Cuddle Party
9. Free Hugs
10. Laughter Yoga
11. Love
12. Sex
13. Yoga
14. Meditation
15. Drumming
16. Dancing
17. Music
18. Books
19. Writing
20. Nature
21. The gym
22. Animals
23. That I am becoming more outspoken
24. Travel
25. Abundance in all forms
26. Social media that keeps me connected to the world
27. Chocolate
28. My memories
29. That I learn from my history without making it my destiny
30. Being able to channel ideas in written and spoken form
31. Persistence

32. That I face each day with grace
33. Forgiveness
34. Compassion
35. That I am a powerful manna-fester, sometimes at the speed of thought
36. I am learning to ask for what I want and am willing to receive it
37. Adventures
38. My increased willingness to be vulnerable
39. My playful nature
40. My resilience
41. My ability to uplift myself when I am down in the dumps
42. Ancestors
43. That I am a love spreader and life lifter
44. My spiritual connection
45. The overlapping soul circles in my life
46. My left of center tree-hugging hippie sensibilities
47. The generosity of people in my life
48. My ability to connect with kindred spirits every day
49. My computer
50. The love of my life who is on his way
51. Friends who call me on my shit when they need to
52.Those who encourage me
53. Pedicures
54. Time at the gym
55. Messages from the Other Side
56. The venues and publications that invite me to write for them
57. WXPN (my favorite radio station)
58. Serendipity and wonderful surprises
59. Every day miracles

Oh, and that meme with the elephant, bird, and quote was another of those miracles. After a friend created it for me a few years back, it went on a worldwide whirlwind tour and on my birthday three years ago, it landed on Julian Lennon’s Facebook page. How cool is that?

I was reminded this morning that I share a birthday with Paul Simon. Both he and I are Still Crazy After All These Years.

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