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Easter Sunday at Circle of Miracles is not much like that of other faith communities that celebrate the Resurrection. I spoke there last year; asking “What’s  a nice Jewish girl doing speaking at an Easter Sunday service?”  I explained that the one whose life and death was a testament to love, inspired me to share my take on my relationship with Him. I grew up in a Jewish home in which Jesus was not a visitor. My parents allowed me to go to church with Christian friends, but were clear that we were not to accept the teachings offered there as our own, since in their experience, Jews were persecuted in Jesus’ name. There is much confusion around who He actually was and even down to his appearance. Chances are, He did not embody the blond haired/bearded and blued eyed image that most are familiar with. As a Middle Eastern ‘nice Jewish boy’ and a Rabbi, he likely had curly dark hair, and swarthy skin. He preached love and not hate. Anti-Semitism and killing in his name would have been abhorrent to Him.  I see him as teacher and prophet, way shower and guide to a the kind of life I endeavor to live. As I assured my parents many years ago when I was about to enroll in The New Seminary to become an interfaith minister, I was not converting, but indeed, expanding my horizons and spiritual parameters.

This year, the speaker/spark as we refer  to the presenter was Annabella Wood, who calls herself as”the quantum physics musing, singing/songwriting, Work of Byron Katie facilitating, handywoman, interfaith minister, Truck Driving Mama.” I have known her for quite a few years and she never fails to amaze me with her versatility and encyclopedic knowledge about a variety of topics. She spoke about The Connected Universe-A Science/Spirit Dialogue. She quoted the Science of Mind concept that resonates so strongly with my take on the Divine: “There is a power in the Universe greater than me and I can use it for good.”  From that launching point, she let us know that  some of her education took place at Bryn Mawr college where she studied physics. She said that as an undergraduate, she was awarded a Fullbright Scholarship to research the nature of thought under the direction of Dr. Grobestein, a neurobiologist. She was eventually invited to leave the Bryn Mawr Physics program because of her outspoken opinion that consciousness was an essential component for accurate scientific conversation.

I watched and listened in amazement, as with humor and metaphor as only she could offer, Annabella waxed philosophical about the marriage of science and spirituality, the field of infinite possibility, Unified Field Theory, quarks and plancks (named after scientist  Max Planck), that Black Holes are the greatest recycling machine in the galaxy and that consciousness is creative. She referenced the work of Nassim Haramein who is the Director of Research of The Resonance Project and powerfully inspired her talk today.  Animated, she wowed the congregation about a subject that would have otherwise had many scratching their heads and thinking, “What the heck was she talking about?” I kept thinking that she would make a phenomenal physics professor and that she should design a paradigm shifting TedTalk on the topics she covered.

Annabella linked together what most of us in that group took as an ‘of course’ mindset when she spoke about the idea that we are indeed All One, according to the teachings she espouses.  Circling back, Annabella brought the message home that was uttered by ‘the reason for the season; one J.C. who said: “It is done as you believe.”  and ” Greater things than this,  you shall do.” She reminded us that “There’s not a spot that God is not.” It is what I know for certain.




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