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Earlier in the year, I was introduced to a local equine rescue farm called Safe Haven. Owned and lovingly maintained by my friend Kate Goldenberg, it is where race horses go to retire from that career and learn new skills for other roles. My friends Kim, Sherry and Eric volunteer at the site, offering love, grooming, cleaning and healing.  Oh, and carrots as well, that the critters nuzzle in pockets seeking. I decided to join them and use my own Reiki trained hands. I have worked with horses who have sustained injuries and need TLC to get them back ‘on track,’ figuratively speaking.  I have noticed a distinct difference in how these massive animals feel before, during and after the treatments. I also am aware of how I feel when I leave,  muddy and straw covered. All loved up is how I would describe it. There is a particular heart rhythm resonance between human and horse that has us benefiting from each other’s presence.

When I am there, as I was today, I feel myself dramatically dropping down into my breath, aware of my heart beat.  I absorb their slower pace into my being. Kim and I were talking about their transition from race horse to farm horse. It occurred to me that I used to run at a race horse pace. Just as it is for them, it was for me. Each of us was accustomed to moving at the speed of sound, receiving kudos for it and then as is sometimes so, an event occurs that has us ‘put out to pasture,’ but in a positive way where we can eat sweet grass, hang out with other horses, roll in the field, run at our leisure, not  for roses. At this point in my life, that is where I most need to be.

This time, as was not the case the first time I was there, I was mindful of where their hooves were situated. Back in the spring when I wasn’t conscious initially, one stomped on my foot. Today I also wore sturdier boots and danced with them, stepping back when they stepped forward. I also noticed that each of them moved toward me when asking for more energy and back when they felt full. We are learning to read each other’s signals as well.

Kim and I double teamed three of the magnificent equines; Cowboy, Uptown Boy and Music Moon. She had made a concoction of coconut oil base and peppermint essential oils. It served a double purpose of soothing them and keeping the flies away as we rubbed it into their hides, manes and tails.

Feeling more confident approaching them as well. When I am calm, so too are they. When they are calm, I am as well. I love the feedback loop between us.

According to Winston Churchill, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man,” and clearly a woman too.

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