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On Sunday, I sat in services at Circle of Miracles which is an interfaith community of which I have been part since 2001. Each week, inspired speakers share their wisdom and experience with us. I had felt called to go this week in particular because the speaker/spark as we call it, was Mary Note Law. A talented healer, artist and conduit between this realm and the next, Mary had a powerful message to share, that clearly, I needed to hear.

It was this:  We walk through the world, fearful of outcome, worried about what will happen next and when the other shoe will drop, when it would be to our benefit to trust in whatever Higher Power set us on our path in the first place. So much of my time has been wasted doing the former over the years, when it could have been better spent being in the now moment. When I have been fully present to what was occurring, certain that it was going to yield something of value, I have ultimately been delighted. When I have fretted over what could possibly occur, I have worked myself into headaches and gut twisting distress. Clearly, it makes sense to do the first to the exclusion of the second.

I call it The Nestea Plunge, during which I allow myself to fall back into the metaphorical arms of Spirit. Despite my silly worries, The Universe always asks:  Have I ever dropped you? Have events in your life ultimately led to something even grander than you imagine?  I always sigh and agree.

Lately, in the face of job uncertainty (just lost a job I enjoyed last week and am applying for others) and emotional roller coaster rides, I am even more grateful for stabilizing influences in my life. I also am aware that God shows up brilliantly in the faces and hearts of family and dear friends as they remind me of my value and worth, when I get spiritual amnesia. I have such cheerleaders all around me.

A message came through a little while ago that reminds to “Focus on the love.” When I do that, I can more readily do a trust fall as I surrender willingly.

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