I consider myself a conscious entrepreneur. To me that means that I am in it for the outcome, so that what I do is of service AND the income, since I want my work to support myself as well as the world. Much of my education and experience has been in the human services/mental health fields. The expectation is that I shouldn’t ‘be in it for the money,’ as many of my colleagues have bought into. For too many years, I was right there with them on that. All these years later (three decades worth), I have come to realize that I have the same bills as someone making five times a much simply by virtue of the way our society values certain career paths.

Last year I began using the mantra that came to me in my sleep as a bunch of messages do these days:  “I work for God and the salary and benefits are out of this world.”  Since that came to me, I have witnessed doors opening that I hadn’t even known existed. I find myself dancing on through with delight and wide eyed amazement at how frequently they materialize. I am a thriving artist.

I also know that I am not alone in my musings about what it means to live that way. A few days ago, I saw this post on the page of a Facebook friend named Brad Axelrad, who is a transformational mover and shaker, an author and coach. When I read this, I had a deep knowing that we are tapped into the same well of knowledge and experience, even if we came to it from different origins. This man was a high adrenalin champion motocross racer, for goodness sake! I play it a whole lot safer physically, even though I do a bunch of emotional bungee jumping.

Here’s what Brad had to say, that had me smiling and nodding along.

“The most amazing thing about being an Entrepreneur is the growth that comes from it.

One day you feel complete certainty, the next, complete uncertainty.

Some days are mixed with every emotion possible.

This morning was overwhelm followed up with bliss, enthusiasm and fear, all at the same time lol.

How is this even possible? Well, our emotions change by the second, so does our experience.

One thing I know for sure, I would not trade it for anything.

The freedom it provides, the transformation, the contribution, and the promise of making even the smallest of dents to humanity.

I surrender and put one foot in front of the other, humbly, gratefully and with a knowing that I am on the right path. I’m listening..”

In my own entrepreneurial world, I get up each day, filled with enthusiasm about what is ahead of me. Generally, it looks like articles to write, clients to see, a radio show to plan and host, promotion to do for my work and those of folks I have agreed to support, being interviewed by others, facilitating workshops, offering presentations, writing and officiating at weddings. Now, this doesn’t all happen in one 24 hour period, although family and friends will swear it does.

My emotions swing wildly around all of this too. At times I think I’m all that and a bag of chips and other times when impostor syndrome kicks in, I believe I am the crumbs at the bottom of the bag. Some days, I crave the attention my work brings and others, I want to hide in my cave of solitude, embarrassed by the praise. Some days, I want the affirmation and support of those who have ‘made it,’ and others, I resent (and that’s a feeling with which I am decidedly uncomfortable, but for the sake of transparency, I am using it) that it isn’t always forthcoming. Big scary statement there. I am all about mutual support and win-win scenarios.

The good news, is that just like Brad, I ultimately trust and surrender to the guidance I am offered each day and marvel at the interwoven threads and solid connection to the entrepreneurial spirit that sings within me.


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