I met Dr. Eric Pearl a few years ago when he came to Philadelphia to teach a room full of eager folks, a modality that came to him/through him called Reconnective Healing. As someone who had long been fascinated with the impact of life force on life forms, it seemed something worth exploring. I was delighted to see immediate results on my own body. I had entered into the weekend training with knee pain from repetitive movement injury. As I sat with the hundred or more other attendees, I had dialog with the Divine. I said “If this really works, please let my knee feel better by the end of the weekend.” I have to tell you, this really works. By the end of the training, I was not only standing, walking with ease, but literally dancing.

How did you go from being a relatively mainstream chiropractor to the founder of a practice that has reached a global scale?

How this extraordinary work came to be discovered is still astonishing to me – as it may sound to you. I had one of the largest chiropractic practices in Los Angeles. And somewhere in my 12th year of practice a few strange things happened. I was awakened in the middle of the night by a bright light. I opened my eyes to see what it was. It wasn’t anything seemingly spiritual or metaphysical, it was just the lamp next to my bed. It had turned itself on. And, at the same time, it felt as if there were people in my home, which was a very uncomfortable feeling. So I got up bravely with a knife, a can of pepper spray and my Doberman Pincher and I went hunting through the house. I couldn’t find anyone, so I went back to sleep telling myself it had to have been my imagination.

But that Monday when I returned to my office, seven of my patients, independently of one another, told me that they felt somebody in the room with us, the same way I felt people in my home that night I was awakened. Patients were telling me they could feel my hands before I touched them. I obviously didn’t believe them, so I asked them to close their eyes and lie down on the chiropractic table. While they had their eyes closed I stood a few meters away from them and held my hands aimed in different directions. Amazingly they could tell me if I was aiming towards their ankles or their fingers or their head. As I did this, I would see tiny little muscles in their face move involuntarily, and then their fingers or feet move involuntarily.

This was the beginning of recognizing that something different had occurred. In other words, I went home on a Friday night thinking I was a chiropractor, I came in on a Monday morning and I was something else. My parents had always told me that I was something else, but I have a really good feeling this was probably not what they had in mind when they said it.

What did it take for you to suspend disbelief that what you were experiencing was real and verifiable?

Whether you think you might believe in something such as this or not, once it starts happening to you – and to this degree – you find yourself looking to confirm that it’s real in all sorts of ways.

My patients were coming in to see a chiropractic doctor, and I thought I was one. You can’t double-blind a study much better than that! But I was witnessing, right before my very eyes, my patient’s bodies go into involuntary movements. When they would open their eyes, they started reporting healings, real healings. Some were getting up out of their wheelchairs. Some of them experienced vision and hearing returning. Others were showing me laboratory results where their cancer tumors had vanished. Many of the parents of my younger patients – as well as their doctors – called me and asked, “What did you do?” Children with cerebral palsy and epilepsy were suddenly able to walk, run, play, speak normally, not have seizures, not require medications. And I would reply, “I didn’t do anything… and don’t tell anybody!”. The more I said that, the more people started coming in asking for the same thing. Soon people began to ask me to teach this. And I said, “Teach it? You’ve got to be crazy. I’m standing there waving my hands in the air looking like an idiot.” “You go outside,” I continued, “wave your hands in the air and see what your neighbors have to say about you!”

But more and more of my patients would call and they would say, “I drove home from your office and I drove up in front of my house, and the automatic garage door opened before I hit the little button to open it.” Or, “I walked inside the house and the lamp or the TV started turning itself on and off and on and off.” Or they said they felt sensations in their hands and when they would hold their hands near someone in their family… suddenly their grandfather could walk again after a stroke or their uncle regained his hearing.

And that’s when we began to recognize that, once you interact with this new, more comprehensive level of healing that takes us beyond energy into energy, light and information, what science today calls the Reconnective Healing spectrum, something changes within us that not only allows us to access our own healing, but allows us to be able to facilitate healings for others.

Soon, researchers began to hear of these healings and asked if they could study Reconnective Healing. So far, there has been almost two decades of active research by scientists and universities around the world on Reconnective Healing. Several of these research studies were recently published in a book by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov entitled Science Confirms Reconnective Healing.

One of these studies catalogues findings of a double-blind test carried out by Dr. Korotkov on Russian Olympians and world-class athletes. The athletes were measured before and after Reconnective Healing was administered. They were measured for pulse rate, heart rhythm, energy reserves, speed of recovery and blood parameters over a series of studies.

The results showed that early with all participants there was a rapid positive effect. Half of those who received a Reconnective Healing session had their energy parameters significantly increase… and 10 days later their improvement became even more statistically significant. Further studies showed a decrease in blood pressure, increase in metabolic, immune, antitoxin and antioxidant activity in the body, improved cardiovascular function and showed actual substantial improvements in the DNA.

Dr. Korotkov said, “This signifies the long-lasting effect of Reconnective Healing and its significance for well-being and preparation of athletes.”

Just recently a peer-reviewed scientific journal released a University of Arizona study showing that just minutes of Reconnective Healing was more than twice as effective as physical therapy in restoring range of motion in limbs of the body.

How has Reconnective Healing changed your life and those you touch and teach?

It has changed my perception about the world. I mean, I am always in wonder and awe watching and following it, and I now pay attention to everything. I used to believe that people fell into three categories: People who did not believe in anything beyond the basic five senses, people who were open to the possibility that maybe there was something beyond those five senses, and people whobelieved that there was definitely something beyond them. I suddenly fell into a fourth category. I knew. I interacted with it. And I could also teach others how to interact with it and facilitate their own healings.

When we allow ourselves to become the light, we simply become a reminder to others that they, too, are light and inspire those around us to return to their natural light vibration. And as we interact with them, something inside of them, a voice – figuratively speaking – says, “I remember this. This is me vibrating as light. This is me vibrating healthy. I think I’ll do it again.” And as they return to that natural level of light, that natural vibration of light, anything denser than that light vibration, has pretty much nothing left to hold onto.

Is it an ever-evolving practice that adapts as you do?

Humanity as a whole is evolving in leaps and bounds. We are all evolving. I am continuously evolving and expanding as so is Reconnective Healing. But this work is not about me. It is about us. I believe we’re on the precipice of the next level of human evolution. One tiny, tiny, tiny little gift that comes along with Reconnective Healing is the aspect of the physical healings. Another gift is our greater awareness and consciousness. Reconnective Healing heals relationships on many different levels… work, home, love. It throws you onto your life course… maybe even faster than you think that you thought possible. It works in countless different ways, always expanding, just as we as human beings are continuously expanding.

Think for a minute – how does a computer work? You have a metal box, which, by itself, does pretty much nothing until you install a software program. Then you are able to get information out of the computer… and you are able to access the Internet field… a field of information out there somewhere.

Upgrade the software, you are able to access more information from within the computer… and you have better access to that Internet field… out there… somewhere.

Now, what if our brains are our hardware? And what if our DNA is our software?

Through today’s quantum physics we know that the information within our brains is just part of the information that we access. We know that our brains are actually transducers – receivers and converters – and that we access information from a field of information that science calls Zero Point Field. We access this information just like the computer accesses the Internet. So what if, through Reconnective Healing, we are doing what six international studies so far have demonstrated, that we are restructuring, or as I like to say, reconnecting, our very DNA. Then we are actually facilitating a human software upgrade that allows us not only for better access to the information that’s within, but better access to that Zero Point Field, to our multidimensional existence. And since we go where our attention goes, this allows us to actually become more multidimensional beings.

Do you ‘get out of the way’ and allow the energy to flow?

As a Reconnective Healing practitioner, you receive, you don’t send. When you facilitate Reconnective Healing, your task is to simply listen, to witness, to observe. This allows you to become the catalyst for the expanded healing of your client. By getting out of the way we are able to allow the healing to come through that the universe intended, perfectly orchestrated by a higher intelligence.

Here are a few excerpts about “getting out of the way” from the book, Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life:

“You must concentrate on the work. You mustn’t concentrate on what comes from the work.

In other words, it’s playing the tune, not looking to the audience. You need to really feel the process of what you’re doing and not worry about what kind of effect you’re going to get from it…

You must take that out of the equation. You need to put your energy on the connection with the person you’re working with, and not think of the result or the success or failure of that particular moment…

Focus on the work; focus on the energy. Allow that to come through you clearly. And then the rest will fall into place….

Once you allow your soul, that egoless purity, to come through, it is a common denominator that has the ability to automatically fuse with the frequency of the person for whom you’re facilitating the healing.

Your job in this process is to strip away the defense; strip away the mind; strip away the control mechanisms, the techniques that you have in this plane. Let them go! Let them be a part of an exterior that has nothing to do with you. And present that soul in the room. It will automatically do the work. That energy is the common universal language of the cosmos. It is understood immediately and is felt intrinsically.”

Are there times when you feel attached to outcome and if so, how do you let it go?

When I first noticed twinges of attachment to outcome, I quickly realized that, for the healings to accelerate, I had to get out of the way and stop directing. I had to step back and let a Higher Power guide. If I tried to force things, if I tried to take charge of the energy and make it do this or that, then it stopped working. But if I stepped back, took myself out of the picture, and let the energy take over, the healings returned.

Not only does the energy know where to go and what to do without the slightest instruction from me, but the more I get my attention out of the picture, the more powerful the response.

I see that you are applying Reconnective Healing to work with animals and children. Please speak about that.

Reconnective Healing can be facilitated on all living things – adults, animals, children and even plants.

In our animals workshop, we don’t teach you anything different about facilitating Reconnective Healing. You apply the healing the same way. We merely teach you how to best approach and work with different types of them, how to better recognize their responses and their needs . After all, what are animals except people in fur suits? Life is life and love is love!

We also teach children how to facilitate Reconnective Healing in our Reconnective Kids classes. Children learn this work much more immediately than adults. When we teach adults, it’s 2½ to 4½ days. When we teach children how to do it, it’s about 2½ hours. And many children after the age of seven have maturity levels that allow them to better learn in the adult seminars because they enjoy the focused immersion, the attention to their questions, and the interaction not only with children their age, yet the mixed interaction with teenagers and adults.

We tend to look at our children as if they are empty vessels placed here on the planet for us to fill with everything we know. Maybe it’s time for us to look at them as empty vessels placed here on the planet for us to learn how to become empty vessels once again. The children don’t enter into this with their egos. They don’t enter into the training programs saying, I already know this, and I already know that. They don’t enter into this filled with false fears making them think that they need to protect themselves in white flames and purple flames, nor are the filled with illusions causing them to worry about whether they move their hands clockwise or counterclockwise or shake off “negative energy” into bowls of salt water. Children therefore access this fairly instantaneously. That’s what’s so beautiful about the Reconnective Kids classes and teaching the older children in the adult classes.

How do yoga and Reconnective Healing intersect?

Uniting the practice of yoga with Reconnective Healing creates a powerful new way of aligning one’s whole being. Reconnective Healing uses energy, light and information via a new, more comprehensive spectrum of healing frequencies to bring the mind, body and spirit into total balance. Incorporating these frequencies into your yoga practice allows you to shift their yoga routine into an expansive healing practice as they explore new physical capabilities and a deeper spiritual connection. Reconnective Healing brings these new frequencies into yoga in a focused and directed way and helps heal the body while the yogi gracefully flows through his or her asanas.This unity is a powerful and transformative vehicle for concentration, meditation and healing on all levels, taking your yoga practice to a quantum level of connection with Self and the Universal Mind. The frequencies can flow in a directed way to help heal the body, while the yogi flows through his or her practice. Often the frequencies “turn on” without conscious intent, responding directly to the needs of the body. It’s as if the body works with the intelligence of the universe to help heal the yogi while involved in practice.

Please talk about what occurs in the trainings?

During our training programs, usually on a Friday night we give a three-hour presentation where we talk about the history, the theory, the philosophy and the science of the work. We bring up volunteers from the audience and give live demonstrations of the healings. We even begin to teach you how to begin to feel these frequencies.

And what you learn at the seminar on Friday night, you continue on Saturday and Sunday where you learn how to do this on a personal level, for your immediate friends and your family. You will stand at the head of a massage table while someone lies down on it in front of you. The teaching assistants will come around to you and take your hand and show you how to find this new expanded bandwidth of healing frequencies, how to feel it, how to begin to work with it with your hands. And you will witness, right in front of your very eyes, the person on your massage table start to demonstrate involuntarily movements of their fingers or feet, arms, legs, even eyes and facial muscles. We will then show how to expand it, make it larger, make it stronger, make it even more expansive. Then you will trade places with that person so that you have an opportunity to feel it as they learn.

If you want to continue to learn on a higher level, what we call the Foundational or Professional level – which does not mean that you have to practice professionally, but you are good enough to practice professionally if you want to – then you will continue with Level II of the training program on that Monday and Tuesday. We bring in people from the public, people who are not in the seminar, who do not know what to expect so you can facilitate your first professional healing session. We teach you ways to do Reconnective Healing via distance as well as holographically. During Level II we also show you how to start and build and develop your own Reconnective Healing practice, how to speak to others about this work. Special new segments also include subtle ways of accessing the healing field that bring about dramatic experiences and results, both for you and for the person you are working with. And by the end of the full training program, I can pretty much promise you two things: A) you will be able to do anything and everything in the way of this field of energy healing and beyond that I can do, and b) you will be able to do anything and everything in the way of this field of energy healing and beyond that any human being anywhere on this planet can do.

What would you like to see the work accomplish in the world?

I would like to see each of us recognize that we are all connected, that we are all one, that our gift here – and what we are here to learn – is compassion. It’s time we realize that when one child cries in one part of the world, 100 children weep in another part of the world, when one child laughs, 1000 children laugh. We are that connected. And that today it is time for us to stop asking what makes each of us special and unique… and instead ask what makes each of us the same.

If I accomplish what I’m here to do, when I leave this physical body, this work will continue. Each and every person will step into their own mastery. As people, we will no longer need to do the healings, for we will have become the healings. And our very presence will simply inspire healings within other.

Trainings will be coming up in Philadelphia, PA on July 24-28th and in Los Angeles, CA on September 11-15th.



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